Pamela Ray
“What is your health worth?” Pamela Ray, a true warrior for fitness, gets right to the point.

“What is your health worth, and what are you willing to do to be healthy?” She asks. “Getting healthy and staying fit isn’t easy, but when you invest in yourself that’s when you get the greatest return.” Pamela’s goal is to provide an environment that encourages people to do just that–get fit and healthy and stay that way. And it’s clear she leads by example.

Built like a super hero, this blue-eyed blond is confident that she can change your life. “That’s my superpower,” she says with a smile.

Health and wellness has been a mainstay of Pam’s life. She has been a competitive gymnast, professional cheerleader, and was selected as a finalist for the Miss Galaxy fitness competition but her love of fitness began at a young age when at 14 she tagged along with her dad to an aerobics class. “It was like a scene right out of a movie,” she says. “Sparks flew and an overwhelming sense of euphoria came over me. It was the most poignant moment of my life. I knew I wanted to audition to teach.” Within a week she was on the schedule, teaching aerobics.

While other girls were doodling the names of boyfriends in their notebooks, Pam was writing down ideas for the name of the gym she would own someday. Fast forward 34 years and on April 1, 2018 that dream came true. Warrior 4 Fitness was finally a reality.

She has been a part of the Huntington Harbor community for 24 of her 34 years in the fitness industry, moving here from Newburgh, Indiana in 1994. She began working at the Huntington Harbour Athletic Club as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics instructor and maintained that position under all three prior owners. Having taken the reins as proud owner she has completely remodeled the gym from top to bottom, upgrading and refurbishing the Body Master and Kaiser equipment and free weight arena, and using state of the art flooring throughout the gym.

Inclusivity is paramount for Pam, not only does she train athletes and Hollywood stuntmen she loves working with those who need her help the most: the injured. “I’ve given people who have no hope their life back,” she says with passion. “I had a client who came to me in a wheelchair whose doctors said he’d never walk again,” she pauses, “He danced at his 50th wedding anniversary.” And with her gym she strives to provide the same universality as with her personal training. She has created a place for all ages and fitness levels to enjoy and feel comfortable.

From a free weights room ready for Arnold, were he to make an appearance, to machines that rehab any joint replacement, the gym is fully equipped to meet anyone’s needs.

The class selection is diverse as well. “We have a great selection of senior classes, all levels of Yoga, Kick Boxing/Self Defense, Power Sculpt, Zumba and a fabulous Spin program.” She says proudly.

The atmosphere at the gym is wonderfully inviting. You are greeted immediately with a smile and by name when entering, and like a community within a community members are always looking out for each other. The instructors, all hand-picked by Pamela, are highly experienced and certified in their practice as well as in CPR, First Aid, and Defibrillator. “Only the best for my members!” she says beaming. “I want people to look forward to working out and I want to provide them the best atmosphere to get the highest quality, safest and most enjoyable experience.”

The remodel is complete and Pamela’s excitement to get new members in and welcome them to her Gym family is endearing and motivating. There are many options for gyms in the area, but, I have found my home here with Pamela and I know that she will always be here using her warrior for fitness superpower to motivate me on my journey to get fit and healthy and stay that way.

So ask yourself: What is your health worth? With Pam, it’s everything.