Значение Шин Каратэ(RU)

Welcome to the official web page of
World Shin Karate Organization
全世界眞空手連盟 総眞會館

総-SO  眞-SHIN  會-KAI  館-KAN
Means –  The Society of All Truth

The World Shin Karate Organization SOSHINKAIKAN– WSKOS which was founded to carry on, develop and pass on the true system and spirit of Budo Karate Full Contact. Our aim is to contribute to a better society, which is based on tolerance, love and peace. Our aim is to train your body, mind, and spirit together in order to realize the fullness of human potential.

We at the WSKOS reject all ethnic, gender, religious, political, philosophical, nationalistic, age discrimination and prejudice, furthermore, upholds and promotes equal rights, friendly international relations, and world peace.

Shin Karate is a martial art for all, without restriction of age or gender! We pay great attention to both the physical and psychological sides training, exercises to develop flexibility and endurance. Shin Karate has a strong philosophy of a healthy lifestyle which and not only teaches the physical aspects of Karate but also strives to bring you calmness and a balance between mind and body.

Most importantly Shin Karate seeks to develop in each student a ‘non-quitting’ spirit. No matter what the obstacle or difficulty — emotional, physical, financial — we want students to feel empowered and not be overcome by any of these problems. The sincere practice of karate can impress this idea into the spirit. This is the modern interpretation of the Bushido Spirit of the samurai.

We invite you to learn more about Shin Karate, our philosophy, which makes Shin Karate unique and so attractive to those interested in true Full Contact Martial Arts – Budo.

Shin Karate is a Way of life, a Way of being.


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