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Women Living in Huntington Beach

Women come to American Shin Karate to learn self-defense but leave with confidence, empowerment, and a sense of community. American Shin Karate offers a 2 month women only self-defense intensive course.

Women have different motivations for learning Shin Karate in Huntington Beach. Women learn self-defense:
to protect themselves.
to get stronger and more fit.
to learn conflict management and de-escalation techniques.
to join a supportive community.

Huntington Beach is an exciting and vibrant place to live, but it can also be frightening. Women are often seen as vulnerable and easy targets, and some frightening numbers seem to support that notion. In fact, here are some alarming statistics:

Every 9 seconds in the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten.

A woman of 21 years of age has a 25% risk of becoming a victim of violent crime in her life.

Those grim numbers show that no woman is ever completely safe. Many perpetrators choose women as their victims because women are seen as passive and less likely to fight back. This doesn’t have to be true, and women can even use this perceived passivity to their advantage. There are many ways for women to protect themselves, but they must also be equipped and prepared to defend themselves if they are ever attacked.

Empowerment through Self-Defense

Self-defense is the most effective and straightforward way women can use to avoid dangerous situations and protect themselves. It’s always better to avoid a violent attack than to go through one and attempt to survive it. Women’s self-defense classes don’t only teach practical and effective martial arts, they also cover numerous ways to avoid and navigate dangerous situations.

Women’s self-defense classes offer a wide range of approaches and processes designed to keep women safe at all times. Some of the subjects covered in women’s self-defense classes are:

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