Shin Karate comes from 5,000 years of Martial Arts philosophy. The purpose of establishing Shin Karate was to train the body, mind, and spirit together to reach one’s full potential. Shin Karate seeks to develop in each student a resilient spirit. No matter the obstacle or difficulty — emotional, physical, financial, — we want our students to feel empowered and to overcome any problem.
Our instructors will strive to boost your confidence and bring calmness to your mind regardless of your age or gender! Full Contact Shin Karate will provide special seminars on self-defense. Extra special classes will be taught by women to women to discuss and acquire special survival skills.
Shin Karate is a way of life.
The sincere practice of karate can change your loved ones and yours approach to life. This is the modern interpretation of the Bushido Spirit of the Samurai. We invite you to learn more about Shin Karate, our philosophy, and what makes Shin Karate unique and so attractive to those interested in true Full Contact Martial Arts – Budo.